Nominate for an award

How to submit your nomination

Deadline: Friday 1 July 2022

Download 'Information on nominations' PDF guide

1. Review Award categories and decide which category is most suitable for your nomination. If unsure, contact the AES Awards and Recognition Working Group Chair for asssistance.

2. Prepare your nomination document (maximum 7 pages) together with your evidence to support your nomination. Note that whilst there is no prescribed format for the nomination, it must meet the applicable assessment criteria. You may also want to consult the FAQ section for some helpful hints.

3. Download the authorisation form and obtain signatures as required. Refer to Appendix B in 'Information for nominations' for guidance.

Download authorisation form

4. Complete your contact and nomination details in the online form below. Refer to Appendix D in 'Information for nominations' for guidance. Note that the form cannot be saved progressively.

5. Upload the nomination and authorisation documents using the ‘upload’ buttons at the bottom of the online form below. Note that the authorisation form can be uploaded as multiple files. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission.

Online nomination form